it is what it is

by Jeff Pettit

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About ten weeks before the birth of my twins, I had an epiphany :
this would probably be my last chance to record music for years.
Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and very much want and enjoy them, but having three babies will put some serious constraints on your time. I've been dedicated to playing music for 20 years; I've been part of some great music created by some wonderful, inspired people. I just have never had the courage to create and produce an album of my own. I will admit that working with/for other people is difficult in that most of the time you are either arguing for hours to have your voice heard, or selflessly helping someone else make his/her music come to life. The larger problem was this : because I was worried that I needed to create something that would be 'better' than past projects or music created by my friends, that I needed to come up with something 'Genius' with a capital g, I did little. 15 years of sketches remained just that. I started struggling with questions like 'what genre should I write in?', 'why are my lyrics so embarrassing?', 'who would ever want to listen to this stuff?' etc.... So, now I had a finite window to do something ....anything.
Some parameters were set : I would write and record a song a week for ten weeks. After the week was done, I would move on- stop recording- no matter how embarrassing the results. I would just concentrate on making the song as good as it could be in the time I had to do it, with no thought about anything else - no help from anyone else. 'It Is What It Is' indeed.
The results are here for anyone to listen to. I'm proud to finally have something of my own. I hope you enjoy it.

This album is dedicated to Nova and my daughters Soleil, Selene, and Celeste.

Every note of every song on this album was played me, but that's not to say I didn't have help. I would like to thank the following people for their advice, love, inspiration, and/or encouragement for this project. Nova, all four of my wonderful parents, David Fitzhugh, Peter Carvelas, Jesse Kolber, Jim Walsh, Matt Murphy, Adam Ash, Jim McCabe, Rob Sondles, Shannon Artis, Bert, Blake and Chris, Chris Donahue, Jace Panebianco, Jeff Hiatt and Jay Levin at Turtle Studio, Suzie Brown, Mike Measer, Shane Kirsch, Johnny and Scott Thompson, Tank and Faux2, Mason and Lowell, Steve Blanco, Mike Palmatier, Rick Robinson, Rene Mckane, Vince Chiarmonte, Shaun Swezey, Matt Kinne, Pat Myers, John Warner, Marcy D, Ayana D, Carsie Blanton, Adrien Reju, Aaron Comess, Billi Shakes, Andy Stack, Lady Rizo , Chris Kufner, Marc Jaffe, Ryan Stokes, Jeff the Jedi master Jones, Dave Brassard and McNeil Music, Shane Kirsch, Scott Barkan, and Pearson Constantino.


released December 16, 2011

Jeffrey Pettit : electric and acoustic guitars, drum kit, Moog, Stylophone, conga, cowbell, fretless and fretted electric bass, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, alto sax, percussion, lead and background vocals.

Produced, Engineered, Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by Jeffrey Pettit

All music and lyrics by Jeff Pettit (Listen Here Now Music, BMI) except
Otherworldly written by Jeff Pettit and James McCabe (Tropical Death Music, ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Jeff Pettit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Left Behind

Keep moving, if fact, run along
Get lost, you've been here too long
You ain't got nothing, that we need to hear about
Pay attention while we turn it out

Seems like we've been here before
Same old friends, new dead ends
Seems like they just don't care no more
Left Behind , right on time

Get out and please step aside
Fare is due, you done had your ride
The age is over, the age of the dinosaur
Sober up, off the floor
Just in time to find the door
Track Name: In Time

I don't wanna write no song with you
No, I don't want to strum guitar with you
Those lies, you absolutely guaranteed weren't true
And bye, this rotten tree gonna bear no fruit

But you did it
You changed it
Went out and arranged it
You changed my mind
Was just In Time

I don't wanna play no show with you
No, I already bled and payed my due

Thoughts and schemes they turn to streams
Of consciousness, self-minded mess
To run the path of self-righteous...
Have you any tact at all?

I don't wanna wait around for you
This game of start and stop, and wrong and right
It only makes me your fool
Track Name: Chains of Hope

Faith is gone
In my small town
Malaise so strong
Hope unfound

No dream of reprieve can be held
Bow down to this fate we've been dealt
And stay alive
For one more nose-dive

Free, "Free at last"
From the Chains of Hope
Embrace the dark and stay awake
Raise, raise your glass
Help the meek to cope
Retrace the past and run away

Broken glass
Where rust is king
Just thick morass
No "Love Supreme"

We're held with no key to this cell
Succumb to this life that is hell
Just stay afloat
Adrift, no boat
Track Name: So Far

Sleep won't come to those who grieve
No rest, no sweet relief
It's broken history
Look on while they're taken
In the bitter hides the sweet

We've come So Far and never looked back
This calls for a different plan of attack
Can't lose the one thing that we came here for
Our special something we did adore
Is there nothing that we wanted more?

Time won't bend to those who breathe
No prize for your belief
It's one big mystery
We've not been forsaken
They've been programmed to deceive
Track Name: Collide

I am the warrior
Left back at home
It's immaterial
This scenario of no control
Shut down, no where to go
Bridge out, road closed
Don't fear the world you know
Same scenario : left alone

Fly free
Don't you waste a thought on me
May your hopes and dreams Collide
Move on ahead
Listen what I said
Grab ahold and never let it go

Down time can dull the blade
Rust conquers all
Too soon we start the fade
The heat we gave, gone to cold
Tough pill to swallow whole
Head down, eyes closed
Ten years can take a toll
Look out below, here goes
Track Name: Otherworldly

Hey, no surprise
It's a crazy, crazy world that we're living in
Yeah, screw the why
All these lazy boys and girls crawl out their shells
They know cause they've gone in too
Sooner or later they will search for another world to travel to

Our Otherworldly bring forth Otherworldly things
Come feast upon the things the Otherworldly bring

Hey, ease your mind
It's a dark then lighted world that we're spinning on
Yeah, take your time
all these dangers and excitements, the heavens and hells
You know cause you've seen them too
Sooner or later you will search for another world to travel to
Track Name: Moon

Breathe out your fire
Make no mention of better things
Long cool, that desire
That kept us warm and made us sing
Outstretch your hand
Take back what you left in time
No fool, that man
Never saw left behind

And what if we're given a second try
Erase the mistakes of our past
Just go for the Moon and don't ask why
Let's build a new love that can last

Back to square one
Same role we hold on to
So far we've come
Back home to start anew
Track Name: Harmony

A woman has a right to change her mind
Break free and to loose the chains that bind
Her man has the home she left behind
Left free, with four walls he kills his time

Why can't we learn to live in Harmony
Why won't you give some peace of mind to me

Her words seem to beg a golden band
But her deeds were the thing that broke the man

Why must I burn?
Track Name: Drive

Why would he choose it this way
Why must she continue to pay
Take, take this distance away
Desire only makes you afraid

The one he loves is so far away
And it's the pain inside they see
This may be the longest night in their short history
When what you need is so far away
Drive the distance away

She says come home right away
So he'll Drive the distance away